James E. Lange

James E. Lange, Ph.D.
Policy Panel Core Team Member
Faculty with Tenure
San Diego State University

James Lange is the Coordinator of Alcohol and Other Drug Initiatives, an adjunct professor of
Psychology, Social Work and Doctoral Faculty in the Graduate School of Public Health. Dr. Lange’s
research has focused on behavioral-risk prevention, primarily studying the drinking behavior of young people. He was awarded one of NIAAA’s five Rapid Response research grants. Through this award and his other grants, Dr. Lange has focused on underage drinking, college binge drinking, and designated driver use. He has published articles in leading scientific journals on community responses to underage drinking, designated driver use, youth binge drinking, drunk driving and boating enforcement, seat belt use, and roadside breath-test surveys. For more than a decade, Dr. Lange has used field-survey methodology to conduct scientifically rigorous examinations of the cognitive effects of alcohol use and social-cognitive determinates of designated driver use. He has served as an important resource for community organizers seeking to implement environmental interventions designed to reduce or prevent binge and underage drinking. Dr. Lange serves as a scientific advisor for the RADD California Coalition, a project bringing state, industry and prevention together to prevent drunk driving. He has applied his sampling methodology and analytical skills to a diverse portfolio of studies. These include: college binge
drinking, cross-border binge drinking, age-based road testing of elderly drivers, boating while
intoxicated prevalence and enforcement, and designated driver utilization. He was the lead scientist for a national evaluation of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention’s youth mentoring grants. He was also contracted with the State of New Jersey, Department of Law and Public Safety, to study police racial-profiling issues. Dr. Lange is the first person to hold the Coordinator of AOD Initiatives position at SDSU. In that role, he has developed a system of describing the functional elements of a comprehensive prevention strategy. This award winning system has been adopted beyond SDSU, including its use by the California State University system.


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